Cities & Rivers brooch - Amsterdam by AVAjewellery

Stainless steel | Brooch
I have always been fascinated not only by the aesthetics of maps but also by the way they represent our geography, history and sense of belonging. Before I worked as a designer I was an architect. Wherever I worked in the world, maps were my constant companions. I saw them as objects of beauty as well as fragments of a living breathing city. Maps to me are not just wonderfully intricate creations; they feed the imagination and evoke memories. The Cities Utopia collection has been created to burnish those memories and allow people to carry meaningful places with them

Stainless steel circle, 60mm diameter.
These brooches are designed in two layers, the top layer features the roads of the city and the bottom one the rivers and/or canals. The two sheets of stainless steel have been dry assembled through rivets with silver tiny tubes and the brooch’s pin and catch are bespoke.

SOLD OUT – Please contact us to place a commission order. Allow a minimum of three weeks

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