Bond Together till infinity ring by Alludio

Sterling silver, amethyst | Ring
This unique and original engagement/wedding ring was designed and made by me (using wax carving technique), and cast in sterling silver. I later oxidised and polished them to give a perfect finish. It can be used as a normal ring too.

It combines the designs from 2 of my collections, the Infinity and the Bond Together.

For the Infinity collection, I designed a ring with a secret: only those who know it can see, through a certain angle, the infinity symbol. The other secret only those who wear it would know, but I can tell you: its curved shape would feel very comfortable on your finger (so my customers say)!

For the Bond Together collection I was inspired with the idea that in a relationship you learn, give and take from each other, exchanging things and rearranging them all again together, to find the right balance as a couple and forming a perfect bond. Can be worn as a normal ring too.

This ring happily combines both designs and ideas behind, so you don't have to chose between one or another.

Listing is for 1 ring in sterling silver, with an amethyst stone. Other stones available and also possible to do it with no stone. Please contact me for details.

I can make to order a version in 9ct, 18ct and 22ct in yellow, rose or white gold, also in platinum.

Alternatively, I can do a version in palladium (a precious metal that is rarer than gold and more resistant than platinum).

Please contact me for prices and more details.

Roughly 3-4 mm wide and 2-3mm thick.

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