Time Stoppers ring 3 by Anamaria Acevedo

L | Sterling silver, resin,
Part of the TIME STOPPERS collection, these rings are created with old watches and clocks’ parts, which have been frozen “in time” thanks to the solidification of resin with the intention of merging the past and the present, to remind us that time is relative and that what really matter is the now.

Colour: royal blue

Symbolism: The Now, mindfulness, presence, letting go of the past that holds us back the anxiety of an imaginary future.

Silver, resin, vintage pieces of watches and clocks
Dome Size: 1mm thick, 19.5mm diameter and 9 mm deep
Available in size L

Commissions: You can pick up the size of the dome, the style at the back -wholes and lines, just lines or a plain back- and the colours of the resin and I’ll make a piece to suit your personality and taste. You can also add meaning to the resin to freeze them in time and keep them in memory. Please contact us for details.

NOTE: colours are not fully replicable so every single piece is unique.

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