Aquamarine: Jewellery for the Birthstone of March

Aquamarine: The stone of the sea

Aquamarine, the beautiful birthstone of March, is named after the sea for its shimmering shades of blue.   It’s associated with youth, hope, happiness and fidelity.  Folklore called this stone the treasure of mermaids and sailors used it as a talisman for luck and protection.   So the perfect piece of jewellery for the sea-lovers among you is Kirstin M’s seahorse lapel pin.  Set with glittering aquamarine, this eye-catching pin can be worn by men or women and will add something extra to any suit, jacket or scarf.

Or why not try indulge your inner mermaid with this wonderfully feminine Aquamarine Cluster Necklace from French designer Catherine Marche.  It’s sparkling blues and greens reminiscent of the glittering sea.

Looking for something bold and contemporary?  Try Annika Burman’s Dixie Cocktail ring set with a faceted aquamarine.  With its large stone and swirl of gold that wraps around the finger, this is definitely mermaid’s treasure.   

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