Diamonds Are Forever - Create Your Own Myth

April – It’s the time of renewal, rebirth and changing light and what better way to catch those extra rays than with this month’s birthstone – the diamond.  Diamonds have an enduring reputation as being the stone of romance, eternity, luxury, mystery and stories of their own...



The Tiffany Yellow, worn by Audrey Hepburn in the promotional photos for Breakfast at Tiffanys,  was the largest yellow diamond ever mined.  Fashioned into a 128 carat cushion-cut gem it has been  reset several times, most recently to celebrate Tiffany’s 175 anniversary.








The Hope Diamond, a 115.16 carat blue diamond, was reportedly cursed after being stolen from the eye of a sacred Hindu statue.  It has travelled the world and now resides in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.


The Cullinan Diamond, was so big it was cut into nine numbered stones (Cullinians I-IX), 96 small brilliants and nine carats of unpolished ragments.  Cullininas I and II are set into the British Crown Jewels.  At 3,106 carats, the Cullinian is the largest gem quality diamond ever found…

…that’s unless you count Lucy (in the Sky with Diamonds) a white dwarf star that is basically a planet of crystallised carbon – a cosmic diamond that would be equal to a diamond of 10 billion trillion trillion carats.


Diamonds and diamond jewelley create a story-weaving magic of their own.  Look at this beautiful engagement ring recently commissioned from Kirstin M.  The central stone is a 1.8ct cushion cut diamond on a platinum band sparkling with smaller 0.7 diamonds.  It’s now safely on the hand of the woman it was made for – she said “Yes!” and now not only does she have a beautiful diamond ring but a wonderful story about the proposal.


So why not create your own myth?  Either commission one of our JeDeCo jewellers to make you your very own mythical diamond jewellery or chose from one of the unique pieces. below