Discover London: Where to Buy Unique Jewellery

Do you know where you can find the Greek Muses in London?  Do you know the way the first advertisers on the Thames incorporated their logo into one of London's iconic buildings?  Do you know where you can find over 25 design studios and shops selling original work, all in one place in the centre of London?

If you answered no to the questions above, then you have a treat in store when you visit the OXO Tower on the South Bank.

The OXO Tower: South Bank between the National Theatre and Tate Bankside

Jewellery Galore

Situated between the National Gallery and Tate Bankside, the OXO Tower is home to dozens of designer maker galleries, chief among them being jewellers.  JeDeCo alone showcases the work of 11 resident designers and up to 10 guest designers at any one time, where seven days a week you can buy, browse, or commission jewellery from the designers themselves.  JeDeCo is found on the first floor on the courtyard side, opposite Calliope - the Muse of Poetic Inspiration - but this is just one of a range of jewellers housed in the OXO Tower, making this the perfect destination to buy a unique piece of work.



Don't miss out on the visual treats inside the OXO Tower and the opportunity to step off the busy South Bank to explore.  Three floors of designers and makers are situated on both the riverside and courtyard side of the building from the ground floor up.  In the peaceful courtyard, just feet away from the river, discover the names of the Greek Muses, visit changing exhibitions at the Bargehouse gallery, or start your journey through the tower from the stairs next to the Nero coffee shop.


Inspiration and inventiveness

In 1920, when the makers of OXO took over the building, they were denied permission to advertise their brand on the Thames.  Not to be deterred, they creatively incorporated their logo into the windows, giving us the tower we know and love.  This spirit of inventiveness continues today at the OXO, so come and discover this thriving creative hub and inspire yourself.