Garnet: The Birthstone of January

Want Some Cleopatra Mystique?

They say Cleopatra’s palace “shimmered with onyx, garnet and gold” and what a great month to add some of that Cleopatra glamour to your jewellery collection.  Beautiful garnet is the birthstone of January and never has there been a better time to shimmer with the glow of a garnet than when the days are cold and dark.

The Many Colours of Garnet

Many of us are familiar with the deep reds of this gem, which takes its name from the Latin for pomegranate, Granatum, because of its resemblance to the seeds of that fruit, but this versatile stone comes in many colours, as seen in Danny Ries' beautiful yellow gold ring set with green tsavorite garnets.

Modern Glamour

Or why not go with a twist on some old-school glamour with these deep red garnets showcased in the beautiful modern setting of Cardinal’s silver drop earrings.

Garnets for Nature Lovers

As well as adorning the walls of Cleopatra’s palace legend has it that Noah used a finely cut, glowing garnet to illuminate the ark during those dark, wet days when the rain fell incessantly and all the people and animals were cooped up inside… sound familiar? 

For the nature lover's among you, why not jump on this quirky articulated rainforest frog with garnet eyes, from AVA Jewellery, or let NbNg’s tiny fold-formed leaves and faceted garnet beads, remind you that spring isn’t really that far away… 

Whatever your preference, come down to the OXO Tower and let the JeDeCo designers light up yourJanuary with a garnet on your finger, around your neck or gleaming at your ear.