By Jen Molinera


Recently a lovely man called Peter came into the JeDeCo Gallery @ the OXO Tower, London to look for a piece of jewellery for his wife, Maggie.  It was for their silver wedding anniversary.  We spoke at length about life, jewellery and anniversary gifts.  Peter said he was looking for a delicate piece of jewellery but the more that we talked and the more jewellery that he chose to look at, it became clear that it wasn’t delicacy he was looking for.  He knew what he actually wanted - something unusual, striking and relevant to his wife and the occasion he was buying for -  he just hadn’t quite articulated it until we started to talk.  He narrowed it down to two pieces: a gorgeous silver and amazonite necklace by Rosemary Lucas and a beautiful silver infinity ring with the inscription I’ll Love You Till Infinity & Beyond, by Alludio.


He just needed to decide which one to choose.  So...


Step 1

Trust that you know the person you're buying for.  You do.  Sometimes you just need a little help to put into words what it is you’re looking for.  This is where talking to people in the know can help you make the perfect choice.  Marry your expertise of the person with their expertise of jewellery and you are doubling your chances of finding the perfect present.

Step 2

Look at a large selection of jewellery.  Somwhere like JeDeCo is ideal for this.   There are 11 designers in the JeDeCo jewellery collective, each with their own showcase, and the work of 10 more with shelf space so there is a superb selection of original jewellery to choose from all in one place.   One or two of the 11 designers are there every day running the gallery, on hand to show the work of all the designers and help you find what it is you are actually looking for. 

Step 3

Think outside the box. Peter was originally looking for a pendant but when I showed him the silver infinity ring with its beautiful inscription, he knew it was just right.  He was worried about ring sizes.  I said the designer could make it in a different size or Maggie could wear it around her neck.  “Closer to her heart,” said Peter: a sentiment that has made all the women I have told this story to say “ah”.  Peter chose the ring.

He later emailed me to tell me how much his wife had loved the piece and shared with me a poem she had written for him.  It was great to play a small part in this wonderful occasion.  Congratulations, Peter, for choosing the perfect silver wedding anniversary present for your wife and for being an inspirational couple.