London Design Festival 2019

For LDF 2019, JeDeCo pays tribute to all things Bond. With anticipation for Bond 25 building up, our jewellery designers each designed and created a special piece of jewellery, inspired by their favourite film in the franchise, recurring themes or universal Bond iconography.  Discover them at our OXO gallery, 14-22 September. Open daily 11-6, Sunday 12-5, late opening 18 September 8pm.

Tentacular, Danny Ries

Sex, death and villainy, the classic formula of a Bond movie, are encapsulated in the iconic title sequence of SPECTRE. Think Monica Bellucci and the looming octopus…This neckpiece is envisaged as a dramatic adornment for her – a robust yet pliable armature draping seductively around her neck.


Crush, Niza Huang

Inspired by the drama and opulence that typifies Bond style, this statement piece features bold shapes, rich gold tones and sparkling raw stones in a dramatic formation.

Octopussy, Cardinal of London

Inspiredby the Octopus Cult, the jewel smuggling ring of femmes fatales featured in OCTOPUSSY. The designer celebrates adventure, fun and the cult of beauty. Fluid andtactile,theringsymbolizes reach, omnipresence, and the ever-changing nature of female insight. And a reminder that octopus is fabled to be the only creature that can kill a shark...

Bond's Toy, LaParra Jewels

Inspired by the Aston Martin DB5, James’ iconic car in GOLDFINGER & THUNDERBALL. There have been many Bond cars, but none that captured hearts like the DB5…

The Wrong Pussy, Katerina Damilos

Inspired by Blofeld’s exotic, pampered white cat, an anonymous cameo appearance in several Bond films. The designer imagined her as the embodiment of a Bond villain – charming, suave, yet dangerous. The name? quipped by James himself in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER.

007, KristinM London

Inspired by Bond's work with the Secret Services, and the classic shooting scenes from the famous films. The designer turned Bond's agent name, '007’, into a target board. The double 0's, slightly slanted mimicking the logo, shield the lucky 7. The ruby, set as if a bullet has been fired, represents that even though Bond is constantly shot at, he always dodges the bullet.

Partners in Crime, Alexandra Tosto

This piece is a reflection on love and relationships, inspired by the rich iconography of the Bond franchise and by the new appearance of a woman as the new 007.

Thunderball, Annika Burman

Inspired by the eponymous movie and one of the designer’s favouriteBond films. The conceptual thunderballsare visualized by the dramatic, dark shimmering coloursof the materials and repeated circular and spherical shapes.

Honey Ryder Catherine Marche

Catherine Marche designed earrings a sea goddess would love to wear ans a spider you can wear on yourself as a wink to James Bond, Inspired by Dr NO, set in Jamaica with gorgeous Ursula Andress coming out of the sea in her iconic white bikini and James Bond being scared by a Tarantula spider.