Jewellery for the Summer. Romancing the Birthstone: Part 2 – Rubies

By Jen Molinera


" I'm like a ruby held up to the sunrise.

Is it still a stone, or a world made of redness?  

It has no resistance to sunlight..."


The King of Stones

If the pearl is said to be the queen of gems, then the ruby is the "king of precious stones", which is how the ancient Sanskrit term for ruby "ratnaraj” actually translates.  This beautiful stone in shades of vibrant red is said to represent love, health, wealth and wisdom and in some cultures is believed to bestow good fortune on its owner.

9 ct yellow gold ring with pave set rubies

Embroidery ring pave with rubies by Danny Ries

18ct ethical gold ring, green tourmaline, rubies

Twirl gold ring by Farah Qureshi

Inner Fire

The ruby’s red glow gives the impression that they burn with an inner flame which explains their association with passion and love and why they make a great birthstone for July: the middle month of summer.  Perhaps the fact that a British summer is so unpredictable makes having the ruby as a symbol of heat and passion even more important, as this stone emanates a rich, red inner glow throughout the year.

The Sunrise Ruby

In May 2015, The Sunrise Ruby, a 25.59 carat, cushion-cut Burmese ruby set into a Cartier ring sold at auction for $30million, over $1million per carat, setting a new world record.  Luckily, you can still buy beautiful ruby jewellery for far less from the wonderful jewellery designers at JeDeCo.  Come along and see the work on display at our gallery in the OXO Tower, on the South Bank, London, or commission one of our designers to make you a bespoke ruby sunrise of your own.

Sterling silver, 18ct gold plate necklace with rubies

Candy pendant with rubies by LaParra Jewels

" I have a ruby which grows dull... when I forget [it] too long.  How sad I should feel if precious stones did not love to rest upon me!"

Judith Gaultier (Mdme Catulle Mendes)