London Design Festival 2017: Kaleidoscope Urban: More London 1

More London: 1

There's a wonderful mix of nationalities at JeDeCo but we are all based in London and so it's no surprise that the love of London and all the city has to offer has inspired several of the pieces of work for the London Design Festival 2017 Kaleidoscope Urban exhibit.  London's amazing street furniture is the inspiration behind this piece.


Lampost on the river with detail


The inspiration behind LUX by designer-maker Claudia Schmidek, the name behind the brand Alludio.


The Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral and  Millennium Bridge are some of London’s many famous landmarks, which together attract millions of visitors every year. A considerable amount of whom would possibly leave the town oblivious to the mass of urban objects that have surrounded (and often helped) them here whilst enriched their visit - such as (beautifully designed) bollards, lamp posts, benches or manholes.

My piece is an homage to these unsung heroes, who will often literally brighten up peoples lives. As the saying goes, true beauty lies in the details



Necklace, Sterling Silver, Citrine

Inspired by Victorian Lampost in London