London Design Festival 2017: Kaleidoscope Urban: More London 3

More London 3

The very first underground train in the world was the Metropolitan Line, which opened to the public in 1863. The London Underground is integral to London life, beloved and cursed by Londoners in equal measure, we'd be lost without it.  The iconic map, created by Harry Beck, was first printed in 1933 and its layout is used by transit systems all over the world.  It's this colourful, aspect of our everyday London lives that Danny Ries has used for the inspiration for her work for Kaleidescope Urban.


Necklaces, silver, cord

By Danny Ries

As a Londoner, born and bred, I have lived and breathed the city’s underground transport system for over fifty years. The tube, with its multicoloured, topological map showing routes and lines, was the inspiration for my TUBE neckpieces in sterling silver and waxed cotton cord.


Colourful and quirky with magnetic clasps, the most popular colours are black (Northern Line) and , ironically, orange (Overground)!