Sculpture on the South Bank: A Tactile Experience

Crypto Connection by Federico Clapis

Crypto Connection

If you missed your chance to see the Crypto Connection sculpture by Federico Clapis when it was at Observation Point on the South Bank, there’s still time to catch it now that it’s in the OXO Tower courtyard.  The sculpture, commissioned by Eidoo, will be there until 14 July 2018.

Clapis’ sculpture represents “the profound parental bond between mother and son and anticipates the arrival of a hyper-connected generation, one whose synapses are genetically attached to a vast network and whose eyes will witness a constantly evolving reality.”

A Tactile Experience

I love the way that sculpture can be found around the capital and unexpectedly coming across a work like Crypto Connection makes my day.  While the artist is addressing the ever changing reality of an online world the physicality of the sculpture makes me want to put my very real hands on it.  This is not a new problem for me.  I have often wanted to evade the guards and cross the tripwire when viewing sculpture in museums and galleries so that I could have a tactile experience (no this is not a euphemism for putting that little Brancusi in my pocket) but the opportunity isn’t always there without some Ocean’s 11-style planning.

Luckily the answer to this common problem can be found in JeDeCo, a jewellery collective at 1.10 OXO Tower, 1st floor riverside.  With 10 resident designers and 10 guest designers, there is plenty of wearable sculpture for you to touch, feel and buy.   We want you to have a tactile experience.


Jen Molinera


Silhouette convex sculptural open ring by Katerina Damilos