Fossil framed pendant by Rosemary Lucas

Sterling silver, fossil | Necklace
The sleek marquise is one of Rosemary’s signature forms. This one has a very long history indeed!

A fabulous polished, fossilised dinosaur bone is framed in silver, riveted rather than set into the frame so the whole piece is visible. The pendant hung on a handmade silver carrier, threaded on a rubber torc and closed with a bayonet catch. Or opt for an easy silver magnetic catch to order.

Rubber and fossil together hardly weigh a thing, so you can wear this piece of pre-history lightly! Unique one-off.

Sterling silver, rubber, fossilised dinosaur bone (mined under license in Portugal)

Pendant length: 70mm,Torc length 48cm (19")

Ready to ship as is with bayonet catch; if require change to magnetic catch, up to 1 week.

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