Friendly Owl pendant by Varr-Dan

Sterling silver, rose quartz | Necklace, quartz
Wisdom, sacred knowledge, intuition, vision and magic. Owls have been around in the folklore and fairy-tales for generations, playing an important role in human culture. They fascinate us with their mighty look, sharp nocturnal vision, incredible hearing and the ability to turn their heads to 270 degrees. Definitely a good friend to have on your side! Owls are considered in many cultures as sacred and spiritual animals, sharing wisdom and protecting from negative forces.

One set of those magnificent creatures, reinvented in silver, is looking forward to finding their new friends. Those friendly owls are sparkling with their rose pink gems, trying to find the right person to share their wisdom, good luck and happiness. Maybe this could be you?

Sterling silver, rose quartz
Size 39.5 × 2 × 25.5 mm

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