Amethyst: The Birthstone of February

From deep purple, through red-purple, to lavender and  lilac the luxurious shades of the amethyst have given it an enduring popularity throughout the centuries and there are as many myths and beliefs surrounding the stone, as there are hues.

The Ancient Greeks believed it protected against drunkenness and said that an innocent girl, Amethystos, had been turned to clear crystal by Artemis to protect her from the Greek God of Wine, Dionysus, who then wept tears of wine over her turning her the beautiful colours of the stones we see today. 

The Romans said that Saint Valentine wore an amethyst ring engraved with Cupid and the stone is still a symbol for attracting love.  Tibetan monks used the stones for prayer beads, believing them to be sacred, and in the crystal world they’re thought to promote clear thinking.



One thing that everyone can agree on though, is that this opulent stone makes fabulous jewellery and can be found in collections all over the world from royalty to celebrity.  So this February why not add one of these stunning amethyst pieces from the designers at JeDeCo to your own collection?