Adorable penguins pendant by Varr-Dan

Sterling silver, white quartz | Necklace
Community, friendship, faithfulness, devotion, renewal and happiness, all this penguin brings to it’s friend. They are wonderful creatures. Whilst living in harmony in large groups, they usually choose a partner for life and in most of the cases “only death can make them apart”. The devotion of partners to each other and their siblings is outstanding and unconventional. Male partners take great care of the eggs, sitting on them without leaving the guard down. Penguins also are a symbol of renewal, regrowing the whole “smoking” yearly. They practically wear brand new clothes every season.

A family of those adorable creatures are looking for a chance to bring a sense of community, support, devotion and renewal in somebody’s life. Have a look at our adorable penguins silver pendant, earrings or the whole set separately, and maybe that special person will be you?

Sterling silver, white quartz
Size 32 × 2.8 × 17 mm

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