La Luna pendant by Varr-Dan

Sterling silver | Necklace
From the very dawn of mankind we have been looking up to the sun, the moon and the stars trying to understand what is out there. Initially we worshipped them like gods, later we tried to understand them, then travel to them. Even today, after moon walks and space travel, the moon looks mysterious and magical and carries the symbolism of many our ancestors looking up, making wishes and kissing under the moonlight.

Our Luna collection pays tribute to that. This particular pendant is fine and beautiful, a play on the incredible durability and fragility of everything around us. It shows how you can thrive and shine despite the eons of asteroid bombardment and absolute zero of space.

Do you want to have your own small Moon? Wear our La Luna pendant and it will take you to a beautiful trip into the eternity of love, shared by couples all over the world under the moonlight.

Sterling silver.
Size 30mm diameter.

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