Valuation Services

Why would you need a valuation? A detailed report is essential when claiming insurance for lost stolen or damaged items. A valuation can also be useful in a probate process.


As a member of the Jewellery Valuers Association (JVA), Institute of Registered Valuers (MIRV) and National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NJCV), Katherine Brunacci has been trained and accredited to provide accurate assessments of all types of jewellery. Further details about JVA and IRV can be found here.


Our KAB Jewellery Valuation Reports come printed on high quality acid free paper including cover with a detailed description of your jewellery, a clear digital photograph, schedule and signature. We will ask you to bring any previous documents, reports, certificates. These enable the valuer to record relevant information in your new valuation document. Often stones are weighed before setting and existing reports/certificates will have this information recorded.



Jewellery is tested whilst you wait, within 30-45 minutes; a report is sent to you 48-72 hrs after testing. Prices:


Chain / Non-Gem Set Wedding Band: £50.00 per item, minimum two items 

Solitaire diamond ring or similar: £100.00 per item

Watch: £110.00


Please bring all purchase documentation or previous valuations associated with your watch. Please note, watch backs are not taken off.


Interested? Please email Katherine or call her on 07380297942 to arrange an appointment at our gallery.